Saraialma: "Naomi has enthralled me"

"Let me present my seventh new wonder .... The salon mirror "Naomi" has enthralled me". That is what the spanish blogger and makeup artist Saraialma writes about our salon mirror in her blog. We love her pictures and are so delighted to share this as lovely thursday inspiration.
"The truth is that was my craving for this mirror ... was HUGE, you have other models such as Estelle that is smaller and more manageable, or if you want to feel like a movie star you can have this wonder in your closet, the model Uma is already a superstar hahaha"
"What I like most:
  • Everything comes complete with installation and a cable made with a dimmer switch.
  • Light bulbs are included.
  • You have the possibility to hang the mirror and stand it anywhere as it has one foot to support it. 
  • I like it so much that I would leave in the middle of the study to worship"
Read more and see Saraialma's pictures HERE.
Shop Naomi salon mirror HERE.
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From New York to Stockholm. Oribe Hair Care was backstage at more than two dozen shows during the most recent New York Fashion Week. Here are some pictures from one of the most recent Oribe events in Stockholm where the hair stylist Kien Hoang showed the latest hair trends from USA.
Oribe has been a mainstay of the fashion world for more than 30 years. It launched in 2009 by by celebrity hairstylist Oribe. Today, this luxe line of award-winning hair products combines traditional principles with cutting-edge innovations.
Another way to use our body mirrors.
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Claudia in Sofias Änglar

Claudia Classic White in Sofias Änglar 2014.
A new season of the Swedish reality television series Sofias Änglar ('Sofia's Angels') is being recorded right now and we are happy to have gotten the opportonity to contribute to the show this year too.
The tv-personality Sofia Wistram and the celebrity carpenters Johnnie Krigsström and Mattias Särnhol travel across Sweden and are giving a helping hand to people in need with practicalities, makeing their lives a bit easier.
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