Giveaway with Keela

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Claudia in Sofias Änglar

Claudia Classic White in Sofias Änglar 2014.
A new season of the Swedish reality television series Sofias Änglar ('Sofia's Angels') is being recorded right now and we are happy to have gotten the opportonity to contribute to the show this year too.
The tv-personality Sofia Wistram and the celebrity carpenters Johnnie Krigsström and Mattias Särnhol travel across Sweden and are giving a helping hand to people in need with practicalities, makeing their lives a bit easier.
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Vlogger spotlight: Keela

To all Swedish readers: Missa inte coola Keelas Youtubekanal! Hon låter alltid sin personlighet lysa igenom kameran och tar upp intressanta och roliga ämnen inom en massa olika kategorier. Du hittar henne också på Instagram (@Keela) samt på
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