Pupulandia's makeup area

Tired of the unflattering light in the bathroom every morning? Get some inspiration from the finnish blogger Pupulandia! She moved her makeup area from the bathroom and created a makeup station by her bedroom window with the light from outside and our makeup mirror to get the best light for makeup.
"Whoever is in charge of designing lighting solutions for the regular bathrooms should be punished. Why on Earth is the light always so damn unflattering? I got tired of looking like a very sick and tired zombie every morning and have been trying to find some decent make up light ever since. Someone in Sweden read my mind and offered me this perfect Makeup Mirror to try out. If I'm totally honest, I've always dreamed about such vanity mirror like the ones in the dressing rooms of Hollywood movie stars. Well, it turned out it's just as convenient for putting the makeup on in the dark morning as I thought it would be. Thanks Makeup Mirror for bringing some light into my days and mornings!"
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